Outdoor Furniture Assembly





Your outdoor space is typically on of your favorite places to relax and unwind after a hard day’s work. As well, it is often a place for picnics, barbecues, and other such celebrations. So of course you want your outdoor space to look as cozy and inviting as possible.

However, outdoor furniture assembly can be a very time-consuming and overwhelming project. We can assemble your furniture prior to delivery or on-site in your outdoor space. Our expert team has vast experience and skill when it comes to quickly and properly assembled patio, deck and other outdoor furniture. As not all pieces are shipped or acquired at the same time, we are extremely flexible when it comes to working with you to find the best time to construct your perfectly furnished outdoor space. Depending on the amount and type of outdoor furniture you need assembled, it might take us just a few hours or an entire afternoon. We are willing to work around your schedule to best meet your needs.

The right outdoor furniture provides the final touch to your outdoor space such as enclosed porch, patio, deck, fire pit or other outdoor area. Hiring Nanaimo Furniture Assembly Service to do the work for you will ensure that your outdoor furniture is comfortable, secure and assembled per the directions.

If you need outdoor furniture assembly service for your apartment, hotel/motel, condo, office or other balcony or deck, we are the ones to call. We stand behind our work with our guarantee as we value our customers.

So whether you need to assemble a lounge chair, patio set or porch swing, Nanaimo Furniture Assembly Service is ready for the task! Call us today to set up an appointment for outdoor furniture assembly and get ready to relax and enjoy your gorgeous outdoor space!